Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Wedding Trend: Gray is the New Brown

I don't know if you noticed, but the last decade of wedding colors was dominated by brown. When choosing wedding colors, many brides go with a neutral (black, brown, navy, gray, cream, etc.) as a base, and then accent with their favorite shades. The early 2000's saw a lot of brown weddings- brown/blue, brown/green, and brown/pink were the most popular combinations. Well, 2010 brides are aiming to set themselves apart- and we're seeing SO many going with gray as a base for their wedding palette!

Gray is a modern choice for wedding color schemes, but with a soft feel that goes well with a lot of the vintage-style weddings we're seeing recently. It give a more muted feel than black, so it works well with pastels such as yellow and peach. It also works well to help control a bright color, such as apple green or fushia. Grays are fast becoming a popular choice for tuxedos, as grooms are straying from the traditional black as well. Tell us what you think of the gray trend! And do you spell it grAy or grEy? An age old question. ;)

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