Friday, January 29, 2010

Colors We Love: Navy and Fuschia

Or as Pantone likes to call it "Tutti Frutti." Although I don't know many brides who'd walk around saying "my wedding colors are navy blue and tutti frutti." ;) Anyway, I thought I'd try out the new inspiration board maker over at Dessy, since they've teamed up with my favorite people in the WORLD Pantone and made wedding color heaven for me. :) I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I LOVE wedding color schemes. To me, choosing your colors is one of the most important decisions, and I daydream about colors for weddings daily. So, let me know what you think of this type of style board, compared to the ones from Style Me Pretty.
In my own little opinion, SMP's is much easier to use, but Dessy's has more options as far as layout, overlapping photos, etc. They seem to still have a few glitches to work out with regards to posting boards directly to blogs as well, but I'm sure they are working them out. To view this larger on their site, click here (and feel free to favorite it!). I'll probably utilize both to fulfill my wedding color obsessions.

On to the actual colors- navy blue paired with bright, fun, summery colors is a favorite of mine right now, so stay tuned for nay paired with a few more summery tones. Fuschia is a great choice for any girl who likes pink, but wants to stay away from the Barbie or Pepto Bismol categories. A deeper shade of pink is more flattering and more sophisticated. How do you feel about pink? I find it's kind of a love it or hate it color for weddings!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ask A Planner: How To Pin a Boutonniere

Ever had a wedding-related question that you felt embarassed to ask? Did you feel like it was something you ought know the answer to already? Odds are, about 1,000 other people are wondering the same thing you are! We're going to start featuring commonly-asked questions in the wedding industry here on Remembering the Details. Anything goes: how-tos, etiquette, definitions of wedding terms- whatever you want to know. Got a question you're dying to know the answer to? Email us at and ask away!

Today, here are some tips and tricks to pinning a boutonniere on your handsome groom- or any of the other men in your wedding party. First of all, men's boutonnieres belong on the left lapel of the jacket, about 4 inches from the tip of his shoulder. Most boutonnieres look best at a slight angle away from the man's face. Hold your bout in place with one hand, and stick your pin into the fabric at the bottom right corner of the stem. Weave the pin back out of the fabric, exposing about 1 inch of the pin, and lay this 1 inch on top of your stem at an angle. Stick the tip of the pin back into the fabric, making sure that the stem is tightly held down. Weave the pin out of the fabric one more time, making sure that it's not sticking out. You can leave the tip of the pin behind the lapel if desired, but be careful that it won't be stabbing through to his skin- we don't want any bleeding grooms!
A little wedding planner trick for you- we keep extra earrings backs (the little clear plastic ones) in our emergency kit, and these are great to stick on the end of pins if the groom is worried about hurting someone. We also often have Sticky Wax with us if we are securing candles in their holders, and something like this can do the trick as well.
Hope this was helpful, and please email us your wedding questions!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage Photo Shoot from SMP

Oh my lord- I DIE over this Jessica Claire wedding shoot. :) Yes, that's a little dramatic, but it is SO beautiful!! Style Me Pretty always finds the most gorgeous shoots to feature, please please please go look at this Vintage Chic wedding shoot, with touches of nautical. I love the top of the dress, the sleeves are amazing! I wish there was a close-up shot of the chandelier made from a boat's steering wheel in the tree, it is absolutely perfect for a wedding we have this summer!! While I'm looking for that... click here for the loveliness.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Non-Traditional Wedding Musings

Just read this blog post from Princess Lasertron and wanted to share it. I appreciate her down-to-earth, non-weddingy approach to weddings. (Yes, I've decided "non-weddingy" is a word). Although I myself love big and small weddings alike, I really love how weddings are becoming more and more about what the BRIDE wants, rather than what tradition dictates. Go check out Princess Lastertron- her felt bouquets rock my socks off and her insights are thought-provoking. :)

Unique Photo Location: Train Cars

Trains are one of my favorite backgrounds for wedding photos, for a few different reasons. I love the vintage charm of a wedding party posing around the back of a caboose. I love the rusty backdrop of an old boxcar to contrast the beauty of a bride. And, many abandoned train cars provide some cool graffiti if you're interested in incorporating a modern edge to some of your photos. Now, my all time FAVORITE photo location for weddings is actually train tracks- but that's getting it's own post later. :) For now, enjoy a couple lovely wedding shots taken around trains.
(Photo credits: Top photo taken in Jamestown, NY by Elisha Orin, bottom three at the Orchard Park Train Depot by Sarah Morgan)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Wedding Trend: Cupcakes

This trend began midway through 2009, but it is still going strong in the wedding world, and I love it! With the rise of sweets tables, serving dessert to seated guests has become a thing of the past and portable desserts are in high demand. What better way to package your delicious choices for cake than to turn them into cupcakes? Cupcake style can range from whimsical and cute to elegant and classy, depending on flavors, decorations, and display. Cupcakes are the perfect way to incorporate your wedding colors and theme into a bite size treat. They can be all the same, or decorated in a dozen different patterns. Most all bakeries offer cupcakes as a cake alternative- if you're looking for a unique sweet treat, consider the cupcake at your wedding!

(all images courtesy The Knot)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As Seen In: Bride Chic

Check out our inspiration board of lovely bridal hairpieces featured on Bride Chic, and read Amy Jo's informative post about types of hairpieces and what they go with. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unique Photo Location: Bridges

For our next installment of unique photo locations, we'll look at bridges. Old wooden bridges can give a really cute, antique feel to your wedding photos, but they're not the only option. Any bridge in your local park can make for sweet engagement or wedding photos. Both of the below photos, by our friend Christopher Kijowski, are taken on different bridges over the Niagara River. They are fairly plain concrete bridges, but in the first, the rushing water below makes for a thrilling backdrop, and in the second, the utilitarion look of the concrete and metal is an interesting contrast to the beauty of the bride Sarah. Check out your local parks and roads for a fun bridge to take photos on. (A little secret: the first photo is from my own wedding, and that "bridge" we're on is in Yates Park in Orchard Park- and it's over a drainage ditch!! Looks pretty anyway, don't it? ;) )

Friday, January 15, 2010

Colors We Love: Pink and Gray

Life has gotten in the way of blogging this week- I started a new part time job, it's peak engagement season so we have lots of meetings, we were published in a local magazine (yay! more on that to come), and we've been networking up a storm. So forgive the light posting as of late. I'll be back in full swing soon! For now, check out this pretty color combo of pink and gray. I like to say "pink and pewter" because it sound's prettier. ;)
Pink and Pewter

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Wedding Trend: Backyard Wedding

Another trend we're seeing for the new year is brides planning their weddings closer to home- like in the backyard. :) Or in the backyard of a friend with more room if need be. Cozy backyard weddings are becoming more popular as many brides are looking for a more intimate affair, and also a way to cut costs. While having your wedding at home may actually be more expensive than you think if you chose to rent everything, there are ways to have a fabulous wedding at home and still stay in the budget.
Cozy Backyard Chic
Many backyard weddings take on a rustic or shabby chic vibe, using mismatched furniture, servingware, etc. in an eclectic way. The best way to evoke a cozy, intimate feel for your wedding at home is to pull furniture outside! Couches, chairs, even things like bookcases can be used for seating and display of things like food and your cake. Instead of renting folding chairs and tables, see if you can round up a bunch of vintage-looking chairs from friends and family. Mismatching on purpose can look great- just check out this Backyard Chic Editorial Shoot by Lisa Lefkowitz over on Style Me Pretty.
For decor, use things such as lanterns, mason jars, wooden crates, and anything comfortable and homey. Also, don't forget to let nature do it's work- don't overdo it with flowers and greenery because you're already outside! Chalkboards are a cute idea to direct guests to the wedding site, or let them know what's on the menu this evening.
Speaking of food, try using local vendors, caterers, and grocers, you'll most likely save money doing this and stick with your hometown theme. If you're feeling really brave, have guests or family members do the cooking!
Setup for this type of wedding can be substantial, so definitely get some help the day of to pull it off without a hitch. This is what day-of wedding coordinators are for- so you and your family can enjoy the day and not have to lift a finger! And as I always say for my WNY brides, always have a backup plan when you're planning an outdoor event- you never know what the weather will bring. Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wedding Photo Booths Redefined

Being in the wedding business, you meet all sorts of innovative, creative people. For instance, check out photographer Thomas Marlow. Not only does he take brillant photos, but he offers a really cool service to brides all over the country (that means us too Western New Yorkers!).
Photo booths are making a comeback this year at wedding receptions, and Tom has taken this fun concept a step further. He helps couples custom-design a large, modular photo booth unique to every wedding. In his own words: "Every background is different and none are repeated. I have a consultation with the bride and groom and ask them a number of questions about their life together and things that inspire them. I show them art books, design books, architectural books, as well as find out their favorite movies from a visual standpoint and various other things like the color palette of their wedding, does it have a theme, etc. This information in-turn provides me inspiration to come up with a design. The design is fleshed out in a 3D modeling software and the production of the set-design begins." Check out these amazing photobooth sets! Photobucket
Your guests hold a remote trigger for the camera, having complete control over the photo-taking process. There is also an LCD moniter right there so everyone can see their photos as they are taken. Tom makes the photos available for purchase on his website, or you can have unlimited 4x6's right at your reception for an additional fee. This is SUCH a fun, cool idea- check out Tom's website to contact him!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bridal Veil 101

The bridal veil is slowly fading in popularity, but many brides are still choosing to adorn their hair with this lovely tradition. Also, different types of veils- rather than the lengthy cathedral- are becoming the more popular choice. Here's a little veil 101.
The Bridal Veil
Short Veil: Lightweight and comfortable, the shorter veil is a fun option that often adds a vintage touch to any gown. These vary in length from the popular birdcage or visor veil that simply sweeps across part of the face, to a shoulder length veil. They work well with dresses that have bust, waist, or lower back detailing that you don’t want to be covered. However, they can sometimes be too informal for traditional, classic wedding gowns.
Elbow-length Veil: Easy to wear at about 25 inches long, elbow-length veils are designed to complement just about any gown style, specifically romantic ball gown styles, because they end where the fullness of the skirts begins. These veils offer a modern twist on a timeless tradition.
Waist Length Veil: this veil is just slightly longer then an elbow length veil at approximately 30 inches. They suit most dress styles that do not feature a train.
Fingertip Veil: This glamorous style is the most popular veil length. It extends to the fingertips to create an elongated silhouette. It is usually shaped like a teardrop or cape. The sheer effect coordinates easily with most gowns, from simple to elaborate.
Floor Length Veil: Often referred to as a ballet length veil, they just brush the floor at around 72 inches. They are well suited to full length gowns that do not have a train.
Chapel/Cathedral Length Veil: The most dramatic and popular veil, the Cathedral length cascades to the floor in true fairytale fashion. This style creates an elongated silhouette and complements all bridal gown styles, from an elaborate ball gown to a modern sheath. Chapel length is slightly shorter than Cathedral, measuring about 90 inches rather than the 120 inches of a Cathedral- some cathedral veils can extend up to nine feet along the ground! These veils are the most formal, but more and more are being paired with chic, sheath dresses for a modern take on this formality.
Blusher Veil: To add a hint of formality to a longer veil, a lightweight tulle blusher is traditionally worn over the bride's face during the ceremony. It is customary for the groom or the father of the bride to flip it back behind her head, revealing the bride's face. The blusher is typically removed for the reception.

Tips drawn from David's Bridal and Stay tuned for The Bridal Veil 102- tips on how to choose a veil based on your face shape, body shape, and hairstyle!

Unique Photo Location: Child's Play

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be featuring fun and fresh photo ideas for your engagement and/or wedding photos. We're going off the beaten path!
Check out these adorable engagement photos of Megan & Rob (they just look like the happiest couple ever to me! You'll see them again later on). Christopher Kijowski utilizes a large structure outside of a school in Niagara Falls, NY for cute, happy photos. Investigate your local schools and playgrounds for fun statues or play structures that you can use in your pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Photos in Buffalo, NY

For our local Western New York brides, we wanted to talk a little about choosing a location to take your wedding photos. But obviously, the general principles can apply to any city where you may be getting married- so please don't tune out if you're not from around here! :)

When Buffalo brides are getting married, where do many turn for a wedding photo location? Yes, I'm sure we're all thinking it- the Albright Knox Art Gallery. And yes, it is regal and grand-looking, the columns make for great architectural interest, and it's tradition for our region. But, what if you didn't want to have your wedding photos taken at the gallery? What are your other options?

For a little advice on choosing a location, we turned to Buffalo wedding photographer Christopher Kijowski. He tells us that in order to help couples choose a location for engagement or wedding photos he "interviews the couple to get a feel for their personality including their likes and dislikes... Once I get a feeling for the couple's likes/dislikes I'll make recommendations and remind them several times we are not locked in to just one location." Chris recommends that a couple choose a place that makes them comfortable and reflects their personalities.

Chris tells us that photos for your engagement or wedding can be taken just about anywhere- a playground, a local park, schools- he has even gotten access to old closed buildings in downtown Niagara Falls and Buffalo! Don't forget about landmarks such as Niagara Falls, and the (nice)beaches along Lake Erie.

In short, Chris says any location can be turned into a fun photo session. "I've done photos with a couple walking around downtown where we have focused on the local architecture. The weather changed and we ducked into a parking garage where we were able to fire off some shots before being nicely asked to leave as we were trespassing." And they all turn out beautifully- the couple makes the photo!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I feature various locations in the Western New York area that are unique and fabulous choices for you engagement and wedding photos!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wedding Inspiration from Wedding Planners

How many times have you been browsing wedding photos somewhere and thought "I wish I had thought of that when I was getting married!" I know it's happened to me quite a bit- people in the wedding industry get more and more creative each year! Well, here's a little site that allows us wedding professionals to pretend it's OUR day and show off what we think makes a gorgeous wedding. And if you're a bride- who better to get inspiration from than a bunch of experienced, fun, and inspiring wedding planners?? :) Check out The Wedding Shoebox- I'll let you know when I make my submission to be on the site!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colors We Love: Aqua and Red

Now, just because I went on a little rant about how red, black, and white are overdone (in my ever-so-humble opinion), doesn't mean I don't like the color red. Actually, people always tell me I look great in red. :) And, I think it's a great choice for weddings because of it's romantic overtones, and the fact that it does look great on a lot of skintones.
So, just to show you that red and I aren't on the outs- here's a pretty little color board full of gorgeous red with an unexpected color partner- aqua! A lighter version of teal (which is one my fav colors right now), aqua is great for bright, summer days and it makes everyone smile and think of swimming pools. :) It's great compliment for a deep red, and works well with a variety of wedding day themes. Enjoy!
Aqua and Red

The Story Line

Check out this great DIY for a guest book alternative from Project Wedding. Use cardstock and color-coordinated pens and encourage your guests to write down memories of you from the past, or well wishes for the future. Then hang them on a clothesline with cute wooden pins for display at the reception. Click here for the details!