Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ask A Planner: How To Pin a Boutonniere

Ever had a wedding-related question that you felt embarassed to ask? Did you feel like it was something you ought know the answer to already? Odds are, about 1,000 other people are wondering the same thing you are! We're going to start featuring commonly-asked questions in the wedding industry here on Remembering the Details. Anything goes: how-tos, etiquette, definitions of wedding terms- whatever you want to know. Got a question you're dying to know the answer to? Email us at and ask away!

Today, here are some tips and tricks to pinning a boutonniere on your handsome groom- or any of the other men in your wedding party. First of all, men's boutonnieres belong on the left lapel of the jacket, about 4 inches from the tip of his shoulder. Most boutonnieres look best at a slight angle away from the man's face. Hold your bout in place with one hand, and stick your pin into the fabric at the bottom right corner of the stem. Weave the pin back out of the fabric, exposing about 1 inch of the pin, and lay this 1 inch on top of your stem at an angle. Stick the tip of the pin back into the fabric, making sure that the stem is tightly held down. Weave the pin out of the fabric one more time, making sure that it's not sticking out. You can leave the tip of the pin behind the lapel if desired, but be careful that it won't be stabbing through to his skin- we don't want any bleeding grooms!
A little wedding planner trick for you- we keep extra earrings backs (the little clear plastic ones) in our emergency kit, and these are great to stick on the end of pins if the groom is worried about hurting someone. We also often have Sticky Wax with us if we are securing candles in their holders, and something like this can do the trick as well.
Hope this was helpful, and please email us your wedding questions!

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