Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colors We Love: Aqua and Red

Now, just because I went on a little rant about how red, black, and white are overdone (in my ever-so-humble opinion), doesn't mean I don't like the color red. Actually, people always tell me I look great in red. :) And, I think it's a great choice for weddings because of it's romantic overtones, and the fact that it does look great on a lot of skintones.
So, just to show you that red and I aren't on the outs- here's a pretty little color board full of gorgeous red with an unexpected color partner- aqua! A lighter version of teal (which is one my fav colors right now), aqua is great for bright, summer days and it makes everyone smile and think of swimming pools. :) It's great compliment for a deep red, and works well with a variety of wedding day themes. Enjoy!
Aqua and Red

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