Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Wedding Trend: Cupcakes

This trend began midway through 2009, but it is still going strong in the wedding world, and I love it! With the rise of sweets tables, serving dessert to seated guests has become a thing of the past and portable desserts are in high demand. What better way to package your delicious choices for cake than to turn them into cupcakes? Cupcake style can range from whimsical and cute to elegant and classy, depending on flavors, decorations, and display. Cupcakes are the perfect way to incorporate your wedding colors and theme into a bite size treat. They can be all the same, or decorated in a dozen different patterns. Most all bakeries offer cupcakes as a cake alternative- if you're looking for a unique sweet treat, consider the cupcake at your wedding!

(all images courtesy The Knot)

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  1. One of our Brides did cupcakes instead of a large wedding cake, and it was an absolute hit with their guests! Great stuff!