Sunday, January 17, 2010

Unique Photo Location: Bridges

For our next installment of unique photo locations, we'll look at bridges. Old wooden bridges can give a really cute, antique feel to your wedding photos, but they're not the only option. Any bridge in your local park can make for sweet engagement or wedding photos. Both of the below photos, by our friend Christopher Kijowski, are taken on different bridges over the Niagara River. They are fairly plain concrete bridges, but in the first, the rushing water below makes for a thrilling backdrop, and in the second, the utilitarion look of the concrete and metal is an interesting contrast to the beauty of the bride Sarah. Check out your local parks and roads for a fun bridge to take photos on. (A little secret: the first photo is from my own wedding, and that "bridge" we're on is in Yates Park in Orchard Park- and it's over a drainage ditch!! Looks pretty anyway, don't it? ;) )

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