Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Hat Fashion

With the approaching Royal Wedding, more and more details are coming out about the plans. I for one am very excited to watch this wedding happen- they look like such a sweet couple, and Kate definitely has fantastic style so I can't wait to see what she chooses!
It was suggested by our friend Lindsay DeDario that we share our thoughts on the wedding plans, and while doing some research I found some interesting info on the dress code for the royal wedding. So I'm going to go on a little fashion tangent that's not exactly important to the wedding plans, but I still think is interesting.

Why don't we wear hats anymore?? Hats are SO fun, such a unique way to take a usual outfit and make it your own. The British have maintained the hat-wearing tradition, and I applaud this. As part of the dress code for Kate and Will's wedding is "a morning coat" which translates for women to a dress (often with matching coat) that is in between formal and business wear. AND some glorious hats. :)

Kate is a big fan of hats, this one above was designed specifically for her by milliner Phillip Treacy. She has also commissioned him to design custom hats for some of her guests- how fun!

This hat above is a typical Kate hat- she wears many of her hats tilted to the right side. And this outfit has been praised all over for the gorgeous blue brocade coat- so pretty for a morning wedding ceremony!
Birdcages were all the rage last year, and they are still going strong as brides still love the vintage look. Here is a little pillbox hat with some interest added by changing the shape- and a gorgeous little birdcage veil.

This feather-y hat is a little more out there than the rest, but it's still so fun!! I can totally imagine this on a bride with a subtle bird theme throughout her wedding day.
We'll be discussing more of the royal wedding plans and our take on the fashion and decor as we get closer. Tell us- are you a hat person?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet the Planner: Liane

As I talked about in this post, connecting with your wedding vendors on a personal level is important when you're going to spending a lot of time with them. So, I thought it would be good to let you all get a peek into our lives outside of the wedding world. And we'll start with me (Liane) since I do most of the blogging anyway. Julie says I'm the tech saavy one, and she's the artsy one- it's so true!
I'm 25 years old, and I've been married to my wonderful husband Eric for 4 and half years. Yes- I was a baby bride! ;) Getting married at 20 wasn't something I expected, but when you meet the perfect guy for you at age 17, and he's five years older and got his life together- well, it was hard to wait. And I've never regretted that decision- I still finished college and did all sorts of fun things, I just did them with Eric!
Speaking of getting married- I LOVED planning our wedding! But I suppose you probably assumed that right? Planning my own wedding in 2005/6 was my first foray into the wedding world in Western New York, and my mom and I had a blast. I did so much research and really thought out every decision that we made. I am a planner by nature (it's in my genes, ask my mom), and I love to be organized. So I went around with my trusty binder, pulling together all of the details that I wanted included in our big day. And I was so thrilled with the result. My favorite detail of our wedding day? The cake!!! I didn't want to cut it, I wanted to take it home and keep it. :) Here it is!
It was OVAL (for some reason I had to have it oval) with swiss dots, and that fondant made to look like draped fabric- oh I just loved it! And see our monogram up top? Eric designed that himself (he's a mechanical drafter/engineer) on AutoCAD and had it made at the shop where he works. I still have them- someday I swear I'll make a shadowbox with them or something!
So here we are, four and a half years later, and I'm planning weddings with Julie. I had started dabbling in wedding planning after numerous friends asked for help with their own plans, wanting things to be as organized and smooth as my own wedding! Then Julie and I were seated at the same table at a wedding two summers ago, got to talking, and decided to combine forces and plan weddings together.
Outside of the weddings, the other thing that consumes my life right now is being PREGNANT. :) Yes, we are expecting our first child in April- just two months from now! It's a little girl, and her name is Evelyn Clara. We are so excited to be adding to our family, and I will admit that while my daydreaming used to be mostly about gorgeous, no-budget weddings, it now shares space with baby nursery decor and meeting our little girl. In case you're curious, her nursery is ladybug-themed, red, black, and white. And also in case you're curious, here's me- pregnant.

Yes, not quite the same as that awesome headshot photo up top (props to Lindsay DeDario for our photos!), but what do you expect for 7 months pregnant? :) Eric takes a photo of me every week on Mondays, to document my growing belly. You can check them all out on my personal blog, The Baby Roy.

So, those are the highlights for now... stay tuned for more glimpses into the life of me, as well as some posts from my partner Julie- which I will have her write and then I'll post on the blog, because I'm the techy one. ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More 2011 Pantone Colors!

Have I mentioned that I love color? Because I do. :) Pantone released their color of their year, Honeysuckle, a couple months ago, and now with Fashion Week they've come out with their color report for Fall 2011. I find Pantone's color reports to be a great resource for the latest and greatest wedding color trends. I could go through and spell it all out for you, but one of my favorite color palette sites did such a great job, that I'm going to just link up to her. Check out The Perfect Palette's detailed summary of the Fall 2011 Color Report!