Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Hat Fashion

With the approaching Royal Wedding, more and more details are coming out about the plans. I for one am very excited to watch this wedding happen- they look like such a sweet couple, and Kate definitely has fantastic style so I can't wait to see what she chooses!
It was suggested by our friend Lindsay DeDario that we share our thoughts on the wedding plans, and while doing some research I found some interesting info on the dress code for the royal wedding. So I'm going to go on a little fashion tangent that's not exactly important to the wedding plans, but I still think is interesting.

Why don't we wear hats anymore?? Hats are SO fun, such a unique way to take a usual outfit and make it your own. The British have maintained the hat-wearing tradition, and I applaud this. As part of the dress code for Kate and Will's wedding is "a morning coat" which translates for women to a dress (often with matching coat) that is in between formal and business wear. AND some glorious hats. :)

Kate is a big fan of hats, this one above was designed specifically for her by milliner Phillip Treacy. She has also commissioned him to design custom hats for some of her guests- how fun!

This hat above is a typical Kate hat- she wears many of her hats tilted to the right side. And this outfit has been praised all over for the gorgeous blue brocade coat- so pretty for a morning wedding ceremony!
Birdcages were all the rage last year, and they are still going strong as brides still love the vintage look. Here is a little pillbox hat with some interest added by changing the shape- and a gorgeous little birdcage veil.

This feather-y hat is a little more out there than the rest, but it's still so fun!! I can totally imagine this on a bride with a subtle bird theme throughout her wedding day.
We'll be discussing more of the royal wedding plans and our take on the fashion and decor as we get closer. Tell us- are you a hat person?

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  1. Really nice post, I love those hats!