Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Wedding Trend: Hairpieces

Another huge trend hitting the wedding scene in the last few months, and it's bound to pick up speed in the new year, is unique and creative hairpieces. Gone are the days of the typical tiara accompanied by a traditional veil. Today brides are showing their personality through their hairdos and what they choose to put in them.

Hairpiece Heaven

A very popular choice is feathers (honestly, feathers could have its own post as a 2010 Trend- they are SO popular right now!). Whether white or colored, fluffy or flat, feathers are all over brides heads right now. Some evoke elegance and royalty, while others have more of a vintage feel.

Flowers of course have always been on the wedding scene, but more and more brides are wearing them in their hair, and many are choosing to forego a veil altogether and just have blooms.

Another huge trend when it comes to a bride's head is that of the birdcage veil. Traditional veils are seen less and less, but birdcage veils are all over right now! Accompanied by a small hat, flower, feathers, or on their own- birdcage veils are a sweet, retro way to adorn the bride's hair.

Headbands are another hairpiece trend that we're seeing in everyday fashion, and it's transfering to the aisle. Do we have Blair Waldorf to thank for this? I think so- although she's not wearing headbands in college, we're still dying over them. :)

Tell us, what have you chosen to wear in your hair for your wedding day, and why?

Comfy Vintage

Please go over to Ruffled (she's posted her best of 2009, and this wedding is one of them) right now and look at this adorable wedding. I think I want to be friends with these two- they're so darn cute!! And their wedding seemed so comfortable and homey, while still being gorgeous and vintage. Go check it out!

Unique Centerpiece Ideas: Decorate With Food

Flowers are a HUGE expense when planning a wedding. And while most every bride doesn't want to give up carrying a bouquet down the aisle, there are other ways to cut costs in the floral department.
Floral centerpieces are becoming less and less common, and not just because it helps the budget. Centerpieces at your reception are an opportunity to show off your creativity and sense of style. They can be a sneak-peek into your decorating skills, or showcase something meaningful to you and your new husband. They also can be an excellent way to subtly carry out a theme you've chosen for your wedding day. And there are so many different options for centerpieces that can include less or even no flowers at all. Today, we'll talk about using food (mostly fruit) in your centerpiece arrangements.
Good Enough to Eat
Starting at the top left corner, fruit can be used simply as decoration on the table, to accompany a floral centerpiece. When doing this, your centerpiece can be smaller in scale. Also, fruit can be scattered within a floral centerpiece, and it doesn't just have to be apples! Apples, lemons, and limes are the most popular fruit used in wedding centerpieces, but here we see grapes used in a creative way to accompany apples and flowers.
The fruit you use doesn't have to remain whole- the top right corner shows us lemons sliced open and lined up against the outside of a vase for a really unique look. Again, the flowers can be minimal when you make the vase the focal point. This technique works well with limes and oranges as well- just keep in mind that you'll have a citrus smell coming from these vases!
Fruit placed in the bottom of a vase can be just for show if you still want to spend the money on floral centerpieces. It's a great way to do something unique and fun, rather than just water and stems showing. The fruit can also be incorporated into the arrangement, as we see with the oranges hanging from the bottom of the pink and white flowers.
Next to the oranges, we see a really unique idea for food in your centerpieces. Here the bride has used brown paper as a runner down the table, and on it scattered various fruits and veggies, such as pomegranates and mushrooms. Hearty, curly-leaved lettuce makes a great filler in this sort of idea, and just make sure whatever you use is really fresh, and remember that some veggies could wilt. It would be good to do a test-run on this idea at home to make sure the items you choose will stand up to the day.
In the bottom right hand corner, we see a centerpiece design using no flowers at all- just fruit enclosed in upside-down vases with candles on top. I love this, especially if you're doing long tables for your guests rather than the traditional round.
The other one I want to talk about is in the left column with all of the green. We see limes and apples here, but also leafy greens used for decoration- so creative!! Again, you might want to do a test drive of this to make sure it won't wilt throughout the length of your event, but by chosing hearty veggies, this is a really creative use of food in your decor.
I hope this has been helpful as you're thinking about centerpiece and decor options for your wedding day. Tell me, what are you using for centerpieces?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hollywood Glamour

I swear, I wish I had thought of this when I was getting married. Although, when I was getting married, I didn't have quite the love of vintage that I do now. But anyway, if you love Old Hollywood glamour- get married in a theater. Take your photos at a theater. Host your reception at a theater. Do something at a theater!! Observe...

Now that's perfection, right? (Image credit goes to Cathy and David Photographers, check out this whole wedding because it's amazing). There's something about the old-style theaters that evokes magic in photos. The lights of the marquee, the plush red velvet seats, the ornate gold trim... it's so dramatic and glamourous! Observe again...

See what I mean!?! Theater = instant drama (you'll recognize this from my favorite wedding ever by Justin and Mary Marantz). And it doesn't have to be this big and crazy gorgeous. Any sort of theater with a stage and cool lighting, and a pretty lobby will do. Because I think it's not just about the backdrop here. Being in the theater makes you feel like a star. It puts you in a mood of classy elegance and makes you feel all fancy right? Okay, one more shot...

See, it doesn't even have to be for your wedding- it could be your engagement photos too (photo credit to Studio Foto, most dramaticly awesome engagement photo shoot ever). And if you're in the Western New York area- check out Shea's in downtown Buffalo. Obviously, it's perfect. :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Colors We Love: Chartreuse and Orange

Okay okay, I know I'm being fancy by calling green "chartreuse." But I do this because, orange and green is tough color combo to pull off, and in my opinion the chartreuse shade of green is the best way to do it. However, I'd really just like to put it out there that orange doesn't have to be just for Halloween weddings. Or paired with brown for fall. Orange can be an elegant wedding color and it can be executed beautifully!! Check out the collage below (made using Style Circle's Inspiration Board Builder) for some ideas on how to pair orange and green for a classy, warm weather affair.

Chartreuse and Orange

Monday, December 28, 2009

Martha Inspiration

Outdoor weddings are quickly becoming an obsession of mine- despite the fact that they are seriously a risk in the unpredictable climate of Western New York. Check out this adorable little DIY project for lighting an outdoor ceremony and/or reception from Martha Stewart!

Colors We Love: Teal and Apple Green

I have to say, one of my all-time favorite parts of planning a wedding is choosing the color scheme. There are so many gorgeous, unique, classy color combinations to choose from- it makes me want to get married over and over so I can use them all! Without the bills of course. :)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to feature some of my favorite, unique color schemes for weddings here, and to find out what you like and what you don't. When I say "unique," this comes from a special soap box I have about wedding color schemes. First, I'll admit to you that I am pretty matchy-matchy in life. I like things to coordinate. Not overly-so, I mean I'm not crazy about it, but I do like things to match. And when it comes to planning a wedding, I feel that choosing a color scheme and going with it helps you tremendously in the planning process. If you have a color scheme, you can look at dauntingly huge book full of invitations and say "our colors are navy blue and yellow, so I'm only looking at invites that match that." It makes your choosing process SO much easier when you narrow down colors! Not having a color scheme is fine, but it seriously makes the decision process for everything that much harder.

On to part two of my soap box (if you're still reading, thanks for humoring me). Maybe this is just geographical in nature and no one in your area is using this color scheme... but if I see one more red, black, and white wedding I think I'll scream. And if you're reading this and your color scheme is red, black, and white, please forgive me!! It's just, I'm only 23 and I swear I've seen like 15 red, black, and white weddings in my lifetime!!! WHY!?!?! I like red and black together as much as the next girl, I wear those colors quite frequently, but honestly, there are a million colors in the rainbow. I love to see fresh, new color combos for weddings. That's all about that. :) Let's get down to business!

If I had to pick, teal and apple green would be my favoritest color scheme. That is, for right now. It's bound to change. :) But it'll definitely stay on the list of favorites. I love it because it's unexpected, but it totally works! It's elegant and fun at the same time, it's fresh for spring and summer, and pairing it with black here makes it totally classy.

I snagged this gorgeous inspiration board from The Perfect Palette- go check her out! She makes custom color inspiration boards for any requests, and she does it for free. Gotta love that. :) If you want to try your hand at making some color inspiration boards, you can use a variety of computer programs, or go to Style Me Pretty's Style Circle Inspiration Board maker- it's wonderfully easy to use and they turn out gorgeous. Tell me, what's your color scheme? Is there a color combo that makes you cringe? Are you rebel and not sticking to a color scheme? Tell me your color stories!! I promise I'm off my soap box now. ;)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Wedding Trend: Eco-Friendly

2010 is just around the corner, so let's talk about what's big in the wedding world shall we? Eco-friendly, or "green" weddings, is a big deal right now, and we think that saving the earth is a fantastic cause to incorporate in your wedding day! Now of course, there are a million different ways to be eco-friendly when planning your wedding, and being green means different things to everyone. So let's start small, and work our way to full-on, tree-hugging goodness. :)

Small ways to save the earth while planning your wedding...
  • Choose invitations made from 100% recycled paper

  • Donate to a charity in honor of your guests as a favor (use a service such as the I Do Foundation)

  • The Arbor Day Foundation allows you to give trees as favors- love this!!

  • Choose a florist who uses organically grown, in-season, local flowers

  • Reuse items you already have for decor, such as votive holders, vases, etc. Borrow things if you can!

  • Shop Etsy for favors, fashion, and more to support small business owners

Taking it a step further...

  • Consider using a catering company that uses only local sources for their ingredients and/or certified sustainable resources for fish and chicken

  • Have people RSVP by email or phone, saving paper by cutting out RSVP cards

  • Purchase a "once-worn" or vintage wedding dress, rather than buying new

  • Choose rings made from recycled gold, or silver because it is less harmful to those mining it

  • Cut your guest list

And the tree-hugging goodness...

  • Use completely biodegradable, compostable plates, silverware, cups, etc. made of things like potato and corn starch (check out

  • Search for transportation that is more environmentally-friendly, such as those that run on clean fuel (CNG)

  • Choose a gown made from organic cotton, peace silk, or hemp- check out gown designer Wai-Ching

  • Use beeswax or soy-based candles rather than paraffin, a petroleum-based product

  • Plan an ecotourism honeymoon

Do one, do them all- it's totally up to you!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Proposals

Did you know that 19% of couples get engaged in the month of December? Christmas Day is the MOST popular day for proposals (followed by Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, in case you were curious).
So, if you got engaged today- congratulations!! As we gear up for the new year, and the flood of new brides-to-be from December 25th to February 14th, I hope that your dreams for love are coming true. And I know that planning a wedding is what most girls dream of from a young age, so make sure that you have fun! Enjoy being engaged, enjoy this time together as you plan your special day, and don't get too stressed and swept up in the "planning" stage. Remember that it's all about you and your husband-to-be!!
And if you're considering a wedding planner.... shameless plug ahead.... give us a call. ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet Treats

Dessert Buffets are one of my favorite wedding trends from the last couple years, and they are still going strong. Who sticks with just cake these days when you can have candy and other sweets too! Designing your dessert/candy buffet can be as simple as placing all of your goodies in matching containers and letting your guests have at it- or you can use this space to really take a fun spin on your wedding theme and decor. For some sweet inspiration, check out these AMAZING sweets tables designed by Amy Atlas, a NYC event planner who specializes in tablescapes of the sugary sort.

I think this is one of my favorites of hers- I love the feather detail on the top of the cookies! (Photo collage courtesy of Style Me Pretty)

To see more inspiring gorgeousness, check out Amy Atlas' photo gallery here.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Free Resources: Wedding Mapper

We love free wedding resources online, and here's a great one! Wedding Mapper allows you to customize a map of your wedding area, including adorable icons for locations such as your ceremony, reception, hotels, and even points of interest for out of town guest who'll be staying in the area for more than a day. Check out their site for this and a few other great free resources.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pom Pom Love

An adorably cute alternative to the tissue paper pom poms (which we love, they can just be tempermental), check out these fabric pom poms featured over at Once Wed. Pompoms + Paper Lanterns = LOVE!!

In the Mood for Martha

Like any good wedding planner, we love us some Martha Stewart. Her wedding DIY's (albeit occasionally complicated) are always amazing and so well-done. Since cupcakes are a really popular substitute to wedding cakes these days, check out these cute Lace Cupcake Towers!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Having an outdoor wedding in the Western New York area is a gamble, I'm not gonna lie. Not only do we have the normal risks of rain and wind popping up, but we've been known to have freak snowstorms as late as May and as early as October. But for many brides, the feel of tying the knot under the open sky is worth the risk. If this is you, read on for Forget Me Knot Details' tips for outdoor weddings. (All photos taken by myself- hence the non-professional quality- at an outdoor wedding we coordinated back in October at Rochester's Ellison Park).

Get to know your location. This is key no matter your set-up. Do you want to have the sun setting behind you as you say I do? Visit your location at sunset to figure out the best placement for the alter, guest chairs, etc. Will you be marrying during the day? Where is the shade from surrounding trees- can you use it to your advantage so no one melts? If you are putting up a tent, make sure you map out exactly where you'd like it placed, and consider things like the ground texture and location of surrounding bushes and trees (we have brought hedge trimmers to outdoor weddings and had to trim a bush so it wasn't jutting into the tent!). When you host your wedding outdoors, you have so much natural beauty surrounding you- make sure you're using it all to your advantage!

Make your guests comfortable. Yes we know, this is YOUR day. And we agree. However, your guests are a key part of your wedding day, and we know that you want them to enjoy the day (and go tell everyone what an amazing wedding you had). So when marrying out of doors, think of them. Where will the sun be during your ceremony- will they be squinting the entire time, or melting under the heat? Is there a possibility of bugs plaguing your guests? Think ahead and provide citronella candles, and maybe even mild bug spray (we recommend Avon's Skin So Soft). If you choose to host your wedding out of doors in a chillier month, think about providing blankets for your guests. And if you have a tent for your ceremony/reception in the cooler months- please don't forget a heater! We know it might be in the 60's during the day, but the temps drop pretty quick in September and October around these parts. Your guests' comfort will allow them to have the best time at your wedding!

Incorporate natural details. You've chosen to tie the knot in the best location Mother Nature has to offer- outside! Don't overthink your decor. Use natural elements like branches and flowers, but do it thoughtfully. We highly recommend candles- candlelight is gorgeous outside, so go crazy with candles! We're also loving simple paper lanterns, like the kind used in these wedding photos. They look really sweet tied into trees, and are the perfect way to subtly light the space once it gets dark.

Have a back-up plan. I know I know- what's the point of a back-up plan if your DREAM is to get married outdoors?? But I promise, on the off chance that it does rain/snow/sleet/who knows what else- you will thank me for saying you need a back-up plan. And I don't just mean "we'll just move everything under the tent" kind of plan. Really think it out. As hard as it is, envision what your wedding will be like in your back-up location, down to all of the details that are important to you. Will chairs and tables have to be moved? What about the dance floor? Where will you have the ceremony inside the tent? Make sure you have your plan B all laid out, just in case you need to use it. And, just a tiny plug, outdoor weddings where the back-up plan needs to be used- best time ever to have a wedding planner! ;) We can do all of the rearranging and make it still look fabulous, while you don't have a care in the world. Changing things at the last minute and making them look amazing- it's what we do.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vintage Weddings

I follow quite a few wedding blogs, so as to keep up with what's in right now, as well as what is up and coming in the wedding world. And let me tell you- vintage is IN right now!! And I know, most brides don't want to do what's "trendy" exactly, but this is one trend that will never go out of style. And there are so many ways that you can interpret the word VINTAGE- you can truly make it your own.

I don't know if it's the economic recession, or just the general turmoil that so many families are experiencing this last year, but many brides are looking back to the way things were when planning their wedding. Looking to a time when things were simpler, looking to a time of comfort and safety. We see the photos of our grandparents' weddings, and we want that warm feeling to be reflected in the most special day of our lives.
There are many ways you can incorporate a vintage feel in your wedding without seeming costume-y. Many brides are purchasing modern bridal gowns, and then having them altered to be tea length, or adding details like lace or sleeves to give them a vintage feel. We're inspired by the fashion of Mad Men when it comes to bridesmaid dresses- a simple sheath dress flatters most every figure and gives a timeless feel to your bridal party.

You can also include vintage items in your wedding details, such as vintage vases for your centerpieces (purchases on the cheap at local antique shops, thrift stores- even Goodwill!). A cute idea is to use vintage clip art or advertisements for your table numbers- or find a great vintage book to use as your guestbook.

There are countless ways to infuse some vintage in your special day- tell us if you're loving the vintage trend! Are you planning any great vintage details for your special day?
(All photos credit of Justin & Mary Marantz- they are incredible!! I sincerely wish that they were local)

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Remembering the Details, the official blog of Forget Me Knot Details! Here we will share with you our journey into the business of weddings, as well as what inspires us as we plan dream days for our brides.
At first, we'll be featuring mostly DIY projects and resources from wedding sites that we find helpful. Also, we'd like to share with brides unique ideas for the Buffalo and Western New York area (since that's where we live and work) as we come across them. And of course, we LOVE drooling over photos of gorgeous weddings- so we'll definitely be sharing lots of beautiful weddings from all over the country!
We'd love to hear what YOU'D like to see here, so please feel free to comment and contribute! Also, if you've got a cool idea for wedding decor, fashion, etc. or you've had a great engagment or wedding photo shoot, and you'd like to be featured on Remembering the Details, drop us a line! And finally, we'll eventually be featuring vendors for the WNY area, so if you're a vendor and would like to featured please contact us. Thanks for joining us!