Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Wedding Trend: Hairpieces

Another huge trend hitting the wedding scene in the last few months, and it's bound to pick up speed in the new year, is unique and creative hairpieces. Gone are the days of the typical tiara accompanied by a traditional veil. Today brides are showing their personality through their hairdos and what they choose to put in them.

Hairpiece Heaven

A very popular choice is feathers (honestly, feathers could have its own post as a 2010 Trend- they are SO popular right now!). Whether white or colored, fluffy or flat, feathers are all over brides heads right now. Some evoke elegance and royalty, while others have more of a vintage feel.

Flowers of course have always been on the wedding scene, but more and more brides are wearing them in their hair, and many are choosing to forego a veil altogether and just have blooms.

Another huge trend when it comes to a bride's head is that of the birdcage veil. Traditional veils are seen less and less, but birdcage veils are all over right now! Accompanied by a small hat, flower, feathers, or on their own- birdcage veils are a sweet, retro way to adorn the bride's hair.

Headbands are another hairpiece trend that we're seeing in everyday fashion, and it's transfering to the aisle. Do we have Blair Waldorf to thank for this? I think so- although she's not wearing headbands in college, we're still dying over them. :)

Tell us, what have you chosen to wear in your hair for your wedding day, and why?

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