Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Wedding Trend: Eco-Friendly

2010 is just around the corner, so let's talk about what's big in the wedding world shall we? Eco-friendly, or "green" weddings, is a big deal right now, and we think that saving the earth is a fantastic cause to incorporate in your wedding day! Now of course, there are a million different ways to be eco-friendly when planning your wedding, and being green means different things to everyone. So let's start small, and work our way to full-on, tree-hugging goodness. :)

Small ways to save the earth while planning your wedding...
  • Choose invitations made from 100% recycled paper

  • Donate to a charity in honor of your guests as a favor (use a service such as the I Do Foundation)

  • The Arbor Day Foundation allows you to give trees as favors- love this!!

  • Choose a florist who uses organically grown, in-season, local flowers

  • Reuse items you already have for decor, such as votive holders, vases, etc. Borrow things if you can!

  • Shop Etsy for favors, fashion, and more to support small business owners

Taking it a step further...

  • Consider using a catering company that uses only local sources for their ingredients and/or certified sustainable resources for fish and chicken

  • Have people RSVP by email or phone, saving paper by cutting out RSVP cards

  • Purchase a "once-worn" or vintage wedding dress, rather than buying new

  • Choose rings made from recycled gold, or silver because it is less harmful to those mining it

  • Cut your guest list

And the tree-hugging goodness...

  • Use completely biodegradable, compostable plates, silverware, cups, etc. made of things like potato and corn starch (check out

  • Search for transportation that is more environmentally-friendly, such as those that run on clean fuel (CNG)

  • Choose a gown made from organic cotton, peace silk, or hemp- check out gown designer Wai-Ching

  • Use beeswax or soy-based candles rather than paraffin, a petroleum-based product

  • Plan an ecotourism honeymoon

Do one, do them all- it's totally up to you!

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