Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet the Planners

Like our new header? :) Well we have our lovely and talented photographer friend Lindsay DeDario to thank for both the photo and the graphic design work- so thanks Lindsay! And as part of a renewed effort to keep up on blogging, I've decided to get a little more personal with our business blog. Nothing too crazy, but I think it's important that readers feel connected to the writer- just like I think it's important for brides to feel connected to their wedding planner. A wedding planner isn't a "behind the scenes" vendor, as maybe a florist or invitation designer might be. A florist is an important part of your special day, and their work is on display for everyone to see- but you don't spend countless hours with them pouring over details until your eyes go blurry. Sure, it's great if you and your florist click personally. But is it a neccessity? Probably not.
However, we feel that it is important that you click with vendors like your photographer or wedding planner(s). Why? Well, you probably WILL spend hours pouring over details with them! Plus you spend your entire wedding day with them by your side. And wouldn't it be more fun if you actually liked them? And wouldn't it be easier to hand the reigns of your big day over to someone you respected and trusted and knew that they just "got" you? We think so too. :) And while a face-to-face meeting can never be replaced, a blog is a little slice of personality, and maybe this blog will help a bride out there get to know us better as she's searching for help to make her wedding day perfect and stress-free. If that's you- hello bride! This is us.

It was bit windy the day we did our photo shoot- made for some fun hair situations. :) Stay tuned for more one-on-one, up close and personal chatter from both myself (Liane) and my partner Julie. And tell us what you think- is it important to "click" personally with your wedding vendors?

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