Monday, January 31, 2011

Wedding Signage


Signs can be both practical and beautiful- a creative way to extend the theme of your wedding, while getting the job done of directing your guests. Here's the low-down on ways to use signs for your wedding day.

Outdoor wedding locations often benefit from signs to direct guests where to go. Use them to point your guests towards the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and more. Having a rustic, beachy theme? Use driftwood and white paint to evoke the seaside. Simple woodsy charm more your style? Have your stationary company design signs incorporating your wedding flowers or other symbol.
Chalkboards are all the rage on the wedding scene these days- they fit with a variety of wedding themes and locations- from farms to wineries. Use a chalkboard to tell guests which table their sitting at, what the menu is for the evening, or as a fun prop that guests can personalize in a photo booth!
Fancy, personalized signage can add to the elegance and feel of your glamourous wedding. Use signs to let guests know about your signature drink at the bar, or to instruct them to take a favor home at the end of the evening. Signs can designed to fit any theme- I love the one in the lower righthand corner above that looks like an old-style movie poster! It's subtle enough not to be tacky, while still evoking a specific style.
Graphic designers are geniuses these days, with all kinds of technology at their fingertips and all kinds of creativity in their heads. So go crazy with signs- we love them!

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