Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Photos in Buffalo, NY

For our local Western New York brides, we wanted to talk a little about choosing a location to take your wedding photos. But obviously, the general principles can apply to any city where you may be getting married- so please don't tune out if you're not from around here! :)

When Buffalo brides are getting married, where do many turn for a wedding photo location? Yes, I'm sure we're all thinking it- the Albright Knox Art Gallery. And yes, it is regal and grand-looking, the columns make for great architectural interest, and it's tradition for our region. But, what if you didn't want to have your wedding photos taken at the gallery? What are your other options?

For a little advice on choosing a location, we turned to Buffalo wedding photographer Christopher Kijowski. He tells us that in order to help couples choose a location for engagement or wedding photos he "interviews the couple to get a feel for their personality including their likes and dislikes... Once I get a feeling for the couple's likes/dislikes I'll make recommendations and remind them several times we are not locked in to just one location." Chris recommends that a couple choose a place that makes them comfortable and reflects their personalities.

Chris tells us that photos for your engagement or wedding can be taken just about anywhere- a playground, a local park, schools- he has even gotten access to old closed buildings in downtown Niagara Falls and Buffalo! Don't forget about landmarks such as Niagara Falls, and the (nice)beaches along Lake Erie.

In short, Chris says any location can be turned into a fun photo session. "I've done photos with a couple walking around downtown where we have focused on the local architecture. The weather changed and we ducked into a parking garage where we were able to fire off some shots before being nicely asked to leave as we were trespassing." And they all turn out beautifully- the couple makes the photo!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I feature various locations in the Western New York area that are unique and fabulous choices for you engagement and wedding photos!

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  1. I used to live Upstate and miss quite a few things about it. The lake would be my first choice for shots. Not only is the back drop of blue pretty but the foilage and scenery around the water is made for photography.