Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ask a Planner: Budget Wedding Planning 101

This is probably one of the biggest wedding topics discussed by wedding professionals everywhere. And as a wedding planner, saving money while planning a wedding is a MUST if we're going to be worth our salt! I could probably write about a million posts about various ways to save money- and maybe I will. :)

But to begin, let's talk about where to get fantastic deals online using online classifieds. Brides sharing their wedding accessories is becoming a really popular way to clean out their closets, go green, and make some cash. I mean really- what DOES one do with 5 pounds of green glass beads after they've graced your reception tables for an evening? Rather than putting them out at the next garage sale hoping for the best, brides are posting these items on websites where YOU, the saving-savvy bride, can come along and find just what you need at a reduced price! Whether it's vases, picture frames, or custom-wrapped votive candle holders, you can find pretty much anything you might need being sold used. You could even find the perfect wedding gown- but that's a story for another post. ;)

Here are some of the very useful wedding classifieds online:

The Nest: Trash to Treasure Board (also check out your local Knot message board, as many brides post items for sale there as well)
Stay tuned for our discussion of budget wedding planning with local vendors!

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