Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrity Wedding Gowns

I have to say, I'm kind of dying to see photos from Reese Witherspoon's wedding!! They are keeping everything super private right now, but I hope that they release photos eventually- she is too cute and I can't help but love her. :) Plus, she starred in one of my favorite movie weddings from Sweet Home Alabama:One detail they have released is that she walked down the aisle in a custom-designed Monique Lhuillier pale pink gown. Love it!! A lot of sites and bloggers are making a big deal about her not wearing white, but the colored-wedding dress trend has been gaining steam for at least five years now, so I don't know what everyone's getting all worked up about. Besides- we all know she has been married before, so I feel like her not wearing white should be even less of a surprise. Kudos to her for going the non-traditional (but I bet still gorgeous) route.
In other celebrity wedding gown news, Jessica Simpson has said that she's going to be a part of designing her own wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials to Eric Johnson. I so want her to succeed and be happy now, you know what I mean? Yes, she's made mistakes, but I feel like it's time for her to really be herself and settled. Anyway, they haven't set a date yet, but it makes sense that she would want to help design her gown, since she's been successful in the fashion world already. I hope she goes a little more out of the box than her dress when she married Nick Lachey- their wedding was beautiful, but in a very traditional way. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!
And of course, we're all dying to see Kate Middleton's choice for the big Royal Wedding. I'll probably (god, I hope so) have my baby girl by then, so I fully intend to snuggle all day on the couch with her watching the proceedings. :) Again, the details are being very heavily guarded, but at least we can be sure that we'll get our fill of everything eventually!

Got any favorite celebrity brides/weddings? We'll be talking about "movie weddings" next (inspired by Sweet Home Alabama)!

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